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I can not encourage you enough to put together a survival kit. Please see “Preparing to Stand” #28 for more information on what should go into a kit, and why. But for quick reference, here is a suggested list of kit contents. Survival Kit Content List

The Proverbs 22:3 / Matthew 25:4 Wilderness Survival Kit
This idea started out with the question “If you could only take 5 things with you, what would you take?” But since 5 is really an arbitrary number, why not a few more? So, after a lot of prayer and thought about how to make things more memorable …

The Proverbs 22:3 / Matthew 25:4 Wilderness Survival Kit
Over the years several people have asked us to put together a survival kit that they can purchase. We have been reluctant to do this because we haven’t been in the retail business, and because we’ve wanted people to interact with their gear, rather than just purchase a kit, throw it in their closet, and feel secure without possibly even taking things out of the box! However, due to additional requests, participants showing up to events with the wrong equipment, and a friend starting an online survival equipment outlet, we have reconsidered. Although we have essentially turned the project over to him, we have worked closely together to compile a “Basic Grab and Go Kit” and offer it to those of you who might want it. This kit is put together with quality items, which we have tested on survival trips. To keep the cost down, it presently does not include a pack to put it in, but we may add one in the future. We would be interested in any feedback you might have on this.

The Basic “Grab and Go” Kit from Sportsman Survival

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Please, if you invest in one of these kits, (or any other kit for that matter), also invest in some time to become proficient in the use of the items in it. If you don’t know how to use your equipment, you may not be much better off than the person who doesn’t have any.

~ “to prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord” ~