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About Us

Jim Buller is a Bible teacher, wilderness educator, and writer.

He has been involved in many facets of youth ministries since the early 1970’s, and worked as an academy Bible teacher. He has studied particularly into the areas of practical Christianity and the end-time prophecies.

Believing that, “those who … shut themselves away from … nature can not be spiritually minded,” (2T 584), he has also endeavored to connect people with nature, and over the years lead numerous hiking, camping, backpacking, and wilderness survival trips for both youth and adults.

His personal mission statement is to, “prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord,” (SW 3-21-1905), and he is anxious to share what he has learned that we may “endure to the end” and be saved. (Matt 24:13)

~ “to prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord” ~