Preparing To Stand Ministries exists to "prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord." This is especially needed, as the Bible's prophecies warn us, that before Jesus comes there will be a Time of Trouble, which will be The-End-Of-Life-As-We-Know-It. The scriptures also make it evident that all who begin the Christian journey won't necessarily continue on through to the end. Therefore we would be wise to prepare, both spiritually and physically, that we may "endure to the end" and be saved.

"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."

Proverbs 22:3 (NLT)


End-Time Preparation Seminars

Week-end programs held at local churches outlining the sequence of end-time events, and how to prepare spiritually and physically --see flyer for more detail


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"Preparing To Stand"

Although this started out as a more-or-less monthly emailing, lately it has been more like a bi-annual emailing. It contains articles on: Practical Christianity, End-Time Prophecy, Country Living, and Wilderness Survival

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Wilderness Skills Training

  • Overview of Wilderness Survival from an End-Time Christian Perspective - about 6 1/2 hrs of theory and hands-on demonstrations(frequently done in connection with an End-Time Preparation Seminar)
  • A Night in the Woods - A 24 hr 'crash course' in the wilderness survival from an end-time Christian perspective
  • Basic Wilderness Skill Training - a long weekend (72 hr) learning-by-doing program
  • Total Preparation Camp - an end-time preparation, country living, and wilderness skills camp gathering

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Country Living — Wilderness Survival

Picture a cabin away back in the woods, completely "off the grid" —no electricity, running water, or even propane. For some, this would be "wilderness survival." This may be a good place for the first part of the Time of Trouble, however during the second part of the Time of Trouble we will be fleeing to the "most desolate and solitary places."

Picture of Wicki-Up

On the other hand, there are those who think of "wilderness survival" as a short-term situation with a tough-it-out-until-you-are-rescued (-or-able-to-walk-out) approach. The goal being to get out of the wilderness and back to civilization. But this doesn’t fit the prophetic description of our end-time wilderness experience either. We need to prepare to travel on foot with a minimum of equipment, deliberately going as far away from civilization as possible, for an indefinite length of time.

There are many ministries focusing on spiritual preparation for Jesus’ second coming; a few that are helping people prepare for when we will not be able to buy or sell; but there is a noticeable lack of information on the wilderness experience of God’s people during the final phase of the Time of Trouble. Preparing To Stand Ministries works to fill this void, for it is "he who endures to the end [that] shall be saved." (Matthew 24:13)

But, Haven't We Been Told Not to Do Anything Physically to Prepare for the Time of Trouble?

Below is the quotation most often used to show that we shouldn’t do anything physically to prepare for our wilderness experience during the Time of Trouble. The first sentence states, "The Lord has shown me repeatedly that it is contrary to the Bible to make any provision for our temporal wants in the time of trouble."


Why an End-Time Christian Perspective?

Let's suppose before the flood, there was a rather eccentric fellow who heard Noah's message, and thought, "You know, building a boat isn't such a bad idea! If there is a flood, I'll have a boat. And if there isn't, I can make lots of money doing commerce on the high seas." So he also starts building a boat. Just taking a quick glance at them, it looks like two crazies, out building their boats. Yet one is building "by faith," the other isn't. How can we tell the difference?


When to Flee Where

Unlike the Judean Christians in the first century, our flight has two phases. In response to the National Sunday Law we will flee from the cities into the country where we can raise our own provisions. Then later, in response to the Death Decree, we will flee to the "most desolate and solitary places."


~ "to prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord" ~